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I have a Qnap 1079 Pro with An Aeotec Z-stick S2 and i'm trying to link Openremote with My pro Account

As I read here :

For Intel based QNAP NAS products, an installer package for the 'Free Designer', can be found directly in the QNAP App Center of your QNAP NAS. See: QNAP App Center

=> That mean the package I've installed will always be a Free designer version

The installer package for the 'Professional Designer' will soon be published, and can be found after login into the 'Professional Designer', under 'Download Resources'.

The only file I found In Download Ressource is a zip that differ from qpkg standards and can't be installed manualy.

Is there any config file to modify on @QNAP: .qpkg/Openremote folder in order to point to Pro Designer ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

You can change /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/OpenRemote/OpenRemote/webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/

beehive.REST.Root.Url =

You can also replace the folder /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/OpenRemote/OpenRemote/ with the contents of the ZIP from Pro download.

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