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Two questions, possibly unrelated. I apologize in advance,

I don't own one yet, but have the pre-requisites. A Qnap TS 569 Pro and a KIRA 128. And I need PRO to do IR.

I like what I see except that you need VPN to use cell, unless I'm missing something, Does the cell webpage access require VPN and your Android or iPhone app doesn;t?

I can't really get a handle on how IR is handled from a button perspective, particularly a "button press" and a "button hold".

I think I know what's supposed to happen for my remote but I haven;t tried encoding anything yet. The code is way too wierd and high frequency ~70 kHz. The same data is encoded but with different spacings, A single press is two such words with one having a short space. I think you can consider a single press being data-t1-data-t2. t2> t1. It does say that t2 has to elapse before another command can be accepted. It's clear that data-t1-data-t2 is a single press.

Not sure if data-t1-data-t1-data-t1-Data-t1...(repeat Data-t1 while key held down) is valid or doe sit define press and repeat. The actual number of repeats is done in the receiver.

It could also be: data-t1-data-t2-data-t1-data-t1-data-t2 is a repeat sequence but that makes less sense.

Two data's must be received and there is no lead in for a valid command.

So, in general, is it possible for a webpage or phone app
created by Openremote to know what to do with a key briefly pressed or continually held down?

I suppose that data-t1-data-t2-data-t1-data-t2-data-t1-data-t2-data-t1-data-t2 is 4 discrete presses of the button and I suppose that data-t1-data-t1-data-t1-data-t1-data-t1 is really repeat at the receiver's rate. e.g. 8 per second based on the data I have and the button of interest.

The docs do say that IR transmission is ended immediately when the key is released. i.e. There is no need to complete the code. There is the need to create the minimum no transmission time before the next command.

Any takers?

Possible work-around: A button for +1, one for -1 and one for +5 and one for -5, possibly +8 and -8 There are 64 steps.

My guess that the button strokes would be queued, but what do you do about the time?

So, this is about analog channels like volume with only volume UP and Volume Down to deal with or really Volume 1, Volume 1, Volume held, Volume held.

What is Volume 5 units?

A learning remote where you could not edit the result really had trouble especially with push once and push hold.



PS: The editor changed what I had.

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