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First post here. After evaluating quite a few different approaches to home automation, I ended up seeing open remote as the one that has the greatest potential.

Sure it took a little tinkering on my Synology NAS and android phone, but it was way easier to get something working than with any other approach so Kudos to the designers.

Now to my (newbie) question:

My netradio offer rest like HTTP services and can return a station list like this sample:

<item key="0">
<field name="name">
<c8_array>DR P7 MIX</c8_array>
<item key="1">
<field name="name">
<c8_array>DR MAMA</c8_array>

Potentially giving me 20 presets in one go. The key is then used for selecting a preset and the name is of course needed in the UI.

What I do now for each preset is create: 1 command using key, 1 sensor getting the name, 1 button for command and 1 label for the station name.
While this works it is tedious to create all these objects and I'm wondering how the more experienced people in here would solve this?

I could run a shell exec to populate a lot of sensors in one go (saving on the number of requests) but that is just optimizing and doesn't reduce the number of objects
Ideally I would like to have one sensor and one command with a variable URL (only the key ID changes) that could be reused for all the GUI buttons or maybe even for a dropdown selection list, but now I'm starting to dream....

Suggestions are very welcome.

Be gentle - This is my first post, remember?

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