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First, kudos:
Trying,my first DIY home automation project; was suffering from severe option paralysis, where to start? which protocols? intelligence in remote control app or on a server?....then discovered OR and all became much clearer. Thanks a lot for a great platform!

Followed basic UI tutorial "Design your first user interface". When browsing Beehive images, there doesn't seem to be "pressed" images e.g. only one power image available. Maybe full icon set is only available to Pro users, that's fine, but just wanted to confirm.
If that is the case, can anyone point me to library of similar image resources that has common buttons with "pressed" instances?


I was wondering the same thing.

Posted by leafsfan at Jul 14, 2014 18:08

Yes, there are some additional images available to Pro users.

If you google a bit, you should be able to find images that are available for personal uses, e.g. maybe from here :

Posted by ebariaux at Jul 15, 2014 09:10
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