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Hi all

It is the first time I use OpenRemote and it is awesome.

I've been doing some tests with Sonos and works perfectly.

My next goal is to integrate my z-wave network. In the documentation I have seen that the Do-it-your-self version is limited to 10 nodes!!!. Is this so? The option to pay $ 150 seems very expensive.

Is there any other intermediate option?

Bes Regards

Yes, the free option is limited to 10 nodes.
Z-wave is a private specification. We paid to be a Z-wave member and get the official specification and we're not allowed to release any of the Z-wave code in open source, which means that the whole development is being done in-house and it's a considerable effort.

Your other option would be to go with something like Vera as a gateway, but that would be quite expensive also.

BTW, the current native Z-wave support in OR still has quite a few limitations and is not robust enough.
We are fully aware of that and are re-working the complete stack. No release date yet.

Posted by ebariaux at Jul 15, 2014 09:05

I think many expect from you the full support of Z-wave Protocol, especially now, when the z-wave becomes more popular, at least in Russia . I like OR because I can create your interface, and I am ready to pay for the professional version, but limited implementation of z-wave stops me. I would like to see OR full controller z-wave network, without Vera, Fibaro HC2 and other.

Posted by preston at Jul 16, 2014 12:07

As it was said, Z-wave is a proprietary (closed) protocol therefore it is limited what you can give for free. However, there is a very good alternative, EnOcean - open protocol for energy harvesting devices. For me much more appealing than Z-wave as I can save tons of money on batteries. It has a good support in OpenRemote and is truly open down to a single bit.

Posted by aktur at Jul 17, 2014 10:07

Very interesting Enocean system :O. Do you have it? What controller and modules? Where do you buy it?

Posted by pleyade at Jul 17, 2014 16:30

Yes, I have it. I buy it via internet, for example here or As controller I use open remote eBox with EnOcean USB stick like this one More about my enocean experiments you can find on my blog

Posted by aktur at Jul 18, 2014 11:35
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