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Are there any plans to communicate with the Wink Hub? This device is capable of doing many things autonomously and it also provides WiFi, Bluetooth, ZWave, Zigbee, and Lutron Radios. It also communicates with Kidde alarms, although I am not sure if that's a different radio altogether.

iIt would seem like a great way to access these technologies with one, $50 device

Not sure whether there is any API to the Wink Hub, but would be interesting to see somebody giving it a try!

Posted by pierre kil at Aug 18, 2014 05:44

Looks interesting and they seem to have a REST API to connect to the device.
If you are a Java developer feel free to give it a shot

Posted by mredeker at Aug 18, 2014 09:11

It looks like the wink API has been released. I am no programmer, otherwise I would give it a go on adding it.

Posted by sose at Jan 06, 2015 17:14

API uses the same authentication mechanism as Smappee (oauth2) which is not a part of Openremote. However, one can do this through rules the same way I did with Smappee.

Posted by aktur at Jan 07, 2015 13:49

Did you document how you did that on your blog?

Posted by sose at Jan 09, 2015 22:04

It is documented here

Posted by aktur at Jan 10, 2015 14:19

Thank you! Quite possibly over my head but I will give it a shot.

Posted by sose at Jan 13, 2015 16:05
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