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I am somewhat new to automation and really like what I see out of OpenRemote. I have lots of equipment and need a single interface to control it all and wondering if OpenRemote is it. I did not see support for any of my equipment but did see a comment that said I should enter the question here.

Here's what I have:
Russound MCA-C5 multiroom audio distribtuion
Vanco Evolution 4x4 HDMI via Cat5e video Matrix
2 Verizon Fios Motorola HD DVRs
1 Sony PS3
1 Roku HD
Samsung SDE-4001 CCTV DVR with 8 security cameras attached
4 TVs (Samsung, Sharp and Toshiba)
1 3D projector (Sony)

4 Samsung Android tables
Samsung Galaxy S5 phone
2 iPhones
1 iTouch

Currently I have SW that controls all of these devices (except the PS3) independently. I want 1 GUI that controls all; preferably one that allows me to run Macros.

Am I in the right place?

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