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Since the iPhone 5 came on the marked the app in relation to screen size/resolution has not been optimal.
The app only use the screen size of the old resolution, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S.

It has been a while since the app has seen an upgrade in this regards, is there any chance this will
be fixed in the near future?
If i buy the Professional Designer (€150) does this solve the issue?

Nobody knows if the Professional desinger makes a difference?
I am currently using an iPhone 6, and its a shame that I can't take advantage of the whole screen.

Posted by istian at Jan 14, 2015 09:37

I was just thinking about this same topic. In the free designer there are currently only 4 default panel designs, ipad, iphone, android and archos 7. I don't know if the paid version has more.

You can make a custom panel as described here:

Once you have it working, you can contribute your design, as described here:

The tutorials don't explicitly say what the measurement units are (mm, pixels, or pts), but I believe they are in points. I have a couple of devices that I'd like to get working and submit to the project (iphone 5 and Kindle Fire).

Posted by desertdog at Jan 14, 2015 13:34

For my El Cheapo (50EUR) Androids I just use custom design 800*480. No need to use a predefined template, works like a charm

Posted by pz1 at Jan 14, 2015 14:49

Hi jack,

Custom panels are not supported on the iPhone. A change in the app is needed.
If anyone has any other suggestions it would be appreciated!

Also, does anyone know if the screen size issue is fixed for iPhone if you buy the Professional Designer?

Posted by istian at Jan 31, 2015 17:01

There is no specific version of the iOS console for Pro users, it's the same app that needs fixing, so no, Pro Designer will not help you with that.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 01, 2015 16:10

Al most a year is gone, but stil no new app for the iphone 5/6/6s, is there a time path when we can excpect a new app, which suport the new device screens.
this would help us a lot.

Posted by arnoldg at Dec 30, 2015 18:18
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