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I just installed the M202W camera, that works fine with IE and CROME, but..
1) I added a Webview the screen and entered the URL ( user=YYYY&pwd=XXXX)taken from CROME,
2) No data in Username and password Box
3) no sensor

result? No image in Webconsole and white rectangle in Android client

any ideas on why?


Put username and password in the form,try do not send this values in the string, it will work in webconsole.In my config it is working.
In the Android client not working streaming video. You have got only one screenshot or white rectangle.

Posted by szejkindudi at Jan 16, 2015 12:13

Hi Adam

No, not work (no webconseole, no Android), perhaps a problem with Java (1.8.0)!

Posted by pete68 at Jan 16, 2015 12:47

Maybe try to check video resolution and WebView width and heigh.
My config Java 1.6 update 18 video resolution from cam 320x240 WebView width 370 heigh 300
link and filled user&password in the form.Latest controller version.2.1.0 (29.10.2014). I must wait about 20 sec to load video but it is working. As I wrote Android application not support streaming video (see another post at forum).

Posted by szejkindudi at Jan 16, 2015 13:16

nothing to do, however I was interested in Android.
If I understand, is Openremote that does not support streaming (because I just downloaded an application for Android that does work stream)

Thanks Adam

Posted by pete68 at Jan 16, 2015 13:33

At Android client for OpenRemote streaming not working.
In iOS 6.1.5 I have snapshot


Best Regards

Posted by szejkindudi at Jan 17, 2015 20:12
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