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i write my idea and i hope that anyone can help me about it.

I would like to create my home automation system, i have an Z-Stick Controller and various wall plags Fibaro.

Suppose that i install and configure my devices in OpenRemote Platform.
I suppose that this platform stores the consumptions that the Fibaro devices send to it.

Can i access to DB where this value are storade ? How can i access to it ?

Exist any license that allowing to access to DB ?


You can store this in Emoncms DB. It is free.

Posted by aktur at Jan 20, 2015 16:09

Thanks Michal,

What is this? an external product ?

I don't understand....excuse me...this product how can to access to stored data? does it use API of openremote?

Is it possible that i can to access to stored data without external product ?

Why in this specification there isn't nothing about access to DB or Rest API ? aren't there ?


Posted by dferr at Jan 20, 2015 17:07
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