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Hello all here.

I have just entered this world of homeautomatation

I have just soldered up, an IR-blaster, for my RaspberryPi, which also have installed the openremote-controller (On newest rasbian image)
I must say, that everything was fairly easy to get working, and soo i have success with my IR-blaster (DIY).

I created some small shell scripts, which executes the lirc irsend, created some buttons, and make that work.

Now i wonder, if it's possible to make a slider for volume? -The IR-blaster, is ofcause a one way system, giving no feedback at all!
What i would like, is to set some points at the slider e.g volume 25%, volume 50% and soo on, making it feel like the slider works.

I can make shell scripts, which calculates where the volume is at moment (just for example add 1 for every button press etc...) so, maybe this value can be used for slider.

Thank you all in advance!

Rgds; Jesper.

Examble of script for volume up ::

pi@HomeBox ~/lirc $ cat


irsend SEND_ONCE philips +
sleep 0.5


ir-blaster1.png (image/png)
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