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I'm starting to get acquainted with the work of the "rules". I started with a simple example on the Forum and in the Documentation (for example, sending mail when triggered sensors, etc.). These "rules" work.

Now I want to do two scenes, similar as in this example:
But I use: Synology DS3615; OpenRemote 2.1.1 + AeonLabs Z-Wave Stick 2.

These scenes for to gradually turn "ON" and "OFF" light in the room with the Projector. Controls the lighting in the room, with Z-Wave Dimmable Switch Fibaro FGD211.

1 scene should work like this: enabled by Command "ON", and lower the light level to "0" for 60 seconds. (when the Projector is turned on). After the scene "OFF"

2 scene: enabled by Command "ON" and increases the light level to "99" for 60 seconds (When the Projector is turned off). After the scene "OFF"

The logic of the "scenes" 1 and 2, I think I understand. Please tell me the commands to a smooth increase and decrease in the level lighting for Z-Wave Dimmable Switch?
Can I use the Macro commands?

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