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I'm poking around OR and using it to test with and I'm curious where this project / business stands.

I'm not doing this as a business (I own an IT outsourcing business); this is a hobby. But I'm happy to spend money on it if it is working.

I've spent time and money on HA/AV stuff for the last twenty years (basic scripts, then web interfaces, then HomeSeer, then Cinemar) and it's time now to replace the Cinemar Main Lobby setup.

I'm hoping OpenRemote is the way to go at this point. The functional model looks good to me: build once and automatically deploy clients; central server connecting / interacting / controlling other systems through IP / IR / serial.

But the activity in the forum doesn't encourage me much.
1. Is there a bunch of activity on a "professional" forum that I'm missing?
2. Are there templates and icons and graphics being shared or sold somewhere?
3. Are there diagnostics and resources for getting things working that I'm missing?

In short, is there more activity going on here than I'm seeing in the forums? Or is the project / business more static with a small group of core folks committed to it? If it's small, that's fine; as long as I can figure out how to maneuver around things. If it's larger and/or growing and supporting each-other, where is this happening?

Finally, is there any clear description (examples would be nice) of what one gets by purchasing the Pro or other versions?

Thanks much.

I build mine from scratch so it cost me nothing.

The problem with OpenRemote is I found it very hard to get any sort of support for a free user (which I guess is expected)

I have got all my devices controlled over IP, but the problem is you have to input one command at at a time, some of my devices have hundreds of commands so it took a very long time.

Graphics are only available if you get the Pro version then when you click templates and public templates there should be some there.

I made all my graphics from scratch, slicing them up in Photoshop and calling them On\Off etc.

If you have problems the best place to look is the log folder.

In my case it's /var/log/openremote/controller

dev.log holds most of the information while boot.log contains information about bootup.

For errors that fall outside OpenRemote usage such as system errors you would be looking at the Tomcat Logs, /var/log/tomcat7

Catalina.out contains everything that happens in the openremote environment, which is useful if the controller doesn't start you won't find logs in the controller folder.

I hope this helps, you can see what my design looks like in my OpenRemote Design thread

Posted by glennl at Apr 14, 2015 02:36

Very much appreciated, Glenn.

I've been down the "one command at a time" route before and was happy to see that the Russound stuff was pre-built. And it appears that the ISY/Insteon might be coming?

But if all I have to do is purchase the Pro version to get the graphics and support, I'm happy to do that. Do you have the Pro version? If so/not, any way to find out what is included in the way of graphics and additional device support? I've spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on this stuff and I don't mind a few hundred more; I just hate to waste it.

That said, there is a post of a user's graphics referenced on Google that talks about a .zip full of stuff... but it's not here anymore. <sad>

The log info is likely to be very helpful. I'm a Linux idiot, so I Google a lot and stumble through; but knowing where to look is very helpful.

Posted by gregoryx at Apr 14, 2015 04:50

I don't use the Pro version so I can't be certain of anything, if I was you I would first experiment with the free version.

Here are the differences

Most of my stuff is done from scratch and the only reason I need OpenRemote is it integrates with HAI OmniLink.

Since I compiled my version from the source I might not be very helpful for how a standard installation works

Posted by glennl at Apr 14, 2015 05:15

In short, is there more activity going on here than I'm seeing in the forums?

Yes, there is. A lot of folks is engaged in commercial openremote projects with little time left to participate here. However, you can trust me - investing your time in openremote will pay back nicely. You can start with the free version, as it offers almost everything what 'normal' people need

Posted by aktur at Apr 15, 2015 10:13

You can start with the free version, as it offers almost everything

And above that there are some free version snaphots with useful features that will not make it into the Pro version in the foreseeable future.

Posted by pz1 at Apr 15, 2015 13:32

The snapshots are great I am using one myself, but I find for someone who does not have much linux experience it would be really hard to get it working, I really struggled getting it working but if you have patience it can be done.

The choice is yours. I am running mine on a Raspberry Pi

Posted by glennl at Apr 16, 2015 02:21

OpenRemote obviously hasn't been designed with the end user in mind. It is just a toolkit.

Posted by pz1 at Apr 16, 2015 07:17

Thanks, Michal. I'm glad to hear there is more activity than appears on the 'board. Is there somewhere that more information is being kicked around that someone can use to accelerate building?

I've got the free version up and going (moved it from QNAP to Windows to RPi2 - working well there); works well enough that I'm asking these questions.

So far:

  • IR with Global Cache iTach Flex with Sanyo projector and Rotel preamp
  • GC iTach serial with Rotel preamp (only one-way - similar to IR, basically)
  • GC iTach serial to Russound CAV6.6 with the "native" config working (there's some way to do 2-way here, it seems)
  • KODI/XBMC basic 1-way control
  • ISY-994iR 1-way control of devices and scenes

So... all 1-way stuff, basically.

And I'm poking around trying to figure out how to get 2-way working and that's not at all obvious to me yet.

Is the Russound full set of stuff "available" somehow? Including the code/script as well as whatever "config" needs to be loaded to give me those great screens that I see in the demo video? (I'll try to find another more appropriate place to ask this.)

The piece that seems unclear in the free/paid is what STUFF comes with the paid version? What templates? What buttons / screens? Scripts? I'd gladly pay a couple hundred bucks to accelerate this process.

Posted by gregoryx at Apr 19, 2015 00:23


I'll go search the board for that. I haven't seen that come up anywhere yet. Where can I find these?

Posted by gregoryx at Apr 19, 2015 00:24

Well... in case anyone looks at this thread...

I poked around at other alternatives available in the <$1000 range at this point to do centralized control of HA and AV and present a decent Android GUI. The priority to me is that the "server" must communicate well with other /intelligent/ devices - not just with serial interfaces or IR or web-only sort of stuff.

IOW, it needs to work with my ISY for Insteon, Russound for audio, Global Cache for serial and/or IR, and ideally Elk for security and/or other automation. I'll swap out irrigation and HVAC gear to get whatever's compatible; the RainMaster and Ecobee are fine, but not great enough to be attached to them.

I'm currently on Cinemar's Main Lobby, which works but the UI is windows and/or web-y and has some strange limitations on the device-interface side that I've worked around but it's time to look around.

HomeSeer looked like my next best option.

But for now, I'm back here. Next effort will be to get a local designer / beehive up and going so I can figure out how to compile code that isn't part of the public (or pro?) stuff yet. No way will I be building my own code; I'm not up to that.

Other "next steps" are to get 2-way working better with ISY, then try to get it working with Squeezebox, Chromecast, XBMC/KODI, and (hopefully) through Global Cache to the Rotel pre/pro.

Last on the list will be to figure out how to make this stuff look decent on phones and tablets. I always leave "pretty" for last... and usually never actually do it.

Posted by gregoryx at May 10, 2015 23:38

Hi Gregory,

Seems that you've found your way with OR. Keep us posted as we are always interested how people are using it. A photo, YouTube films or How-to pages are most appreciated. Openremote is still actively developed and a new cool stuff is coming. Today and tomorrow we are on #IoTWold2015 is San Francisco Moscone center. Some new concept are presented, anybody who has a chance to visit us is welcome.

Posted by aktur at May 12, 2015 12:57

Thanks, Michal.

If you - or anyone - have ideas on how to get "Instructables" style write-ups done that address more of the basic things I want to do (assuming that some of these are not too unique), that sure seems like it would help lower the current barrier-to-entry. The write-ups on here today are mostly a couple years old.

It appears that the focus here has been KNX for basic HA. Insteon / ISY is what I'm on. There's at least two other people interested in Insteon / ISY; is that it? Is there a working structure for it beyond the really basic 1-way that's documented from a couple years ago?

What about KODI/XBMC? I'm assuming that no-one is doing 2-way interaction with it since there is no resolution to the couple of questions about that in the last three years? As one of the posts says, "only the seven commands documented seem to work."

Many more questions... but I suspect advancing on these two will open some doors of knowledge.

Posted by gregoryx at May 13, 2015 21:01
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