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I've read the WIKI page and scanned some forums here, and I don't seem to be coming up with it. I have an unRAID NAS, and there is a gorgeous docker plugin that's available that I can run OpenRemote with. I saw the WIKI page had the Alix board, which would be a great choice, if it weren't for the system specs. Is there another small footprint integrated board now recommended or in high use that you all would recommend? Or if I could just run OpenRemote on my unRAID NAS with some type of USB controller that would be fantastic! Sorry for being such a n00b in this field, but I'd love to dive in and am just looking for a bit of direction. I like the idea of housing this in it's own box, and backing it up both the data, and with a large UPS (especially if it's going to control things like door locks and security lights or possibly a security camera system). What are all of you currently using? Can I just basically take an old recycled dell optiplex or something similar with a few GB of RAM and a dual or quad core processor with a zwave interface or something in it? I'm looking to have an actual server for my automation, but save as much money in the process that I can.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Mike, did you get progress on this? I just saw that the post hadn't been replied to.

My experience with OR: I started with it in a QNAP server then moved it to a Raspberry Pi 2. It doesn't take much to run the controller. And the designer (for the standard version) is through the cloud, so nothing to run there.

On RPI, it's been completely stable - running for months - once I got the RPI all up-to-date on good firmware that works with current MicroSD cards. And it sure wouldn't take much battery to keep an RPI working if that's your interest.

Posted by gregoryx at Aug 20, 2015 00:57


I can't give any news on results as yet, but I'm trying to create an OpenRemote server on a Din Rail mounted BeagleBone Black.

So far its looking good, I'll post more information when I have more time to work on it.

Posted by mdar at Aug 21, 2015 14:15


I've finally found a few hours to sit and play with the BeagleBone Black.

The good news is that it is now happily running an OpenRemote Pro server

I need to tidy up the start up process, but the important detail is that it's running.

Posted by mdar at Sep 11, 2015 23:41
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