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I'm trying to put a portfolio of modellers and / or graphical UI designers together to give to clients.

The idea is that a client will have a complete system installed and configured, with a working OpenRemote Pro Controller, but only with a vanilla UI.

I'd like to be able to have the whole UI design taken care of by a freelancer who will work directly with the client, without any commission taken out.

I'll need a rate card and some screen grab examples to put into a portfolio.


There is an installer looking for a UI designer right now, and 2 other clients that are interested in this service.

Many thanks in advance,


Hello Stuart

May we talk by mail?

Posted by milimilo at Jul 14, 2015 14:20



My company website is www. mdar . eu

Contact details are on there.

Or you can look on the Velbus supplier page.

Thanks in advance


Posted by mdar at Jul 14, 2015 15:23


Did you get my reply to your email?

Or are you still enjoying your holiday?



Posted by mdar at Jul 23, 2015 14:42
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