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I was just wondering if there are any plans to add a rotary version of the slider?

Ideally something scalable, with limits on the start and end position.

IE if 0° is South, it might start at 45° (South West) and end at 315° (South East)

I'd like to use it for a temperature control, volume or 24 hour alarm time.


its a shame im not able to upload any images in the forum, because i made a rotary slider icon with the same icon-setup as the liniar one would.
It would be of great help in my design too.

Is there any change there will be one ?
it's been a bit quiet around new features.

Please keep developing , until now the designer is the most straight forware tool i found but some things are missing.

Posted by devries at Feb 21, 2016 21:37


It is possible to link to images from this forum, the code looks like this...

!|align=center, hspace=30px!

I would be really interested to know how you've achieved it.

As for more developments, I know there is a lot of work going on in the background, which isn't really obvious at the moment.

If everything goes well with a project I'm working on, then I'll be looking at investing more time and money.



Posted by mdar at Feb 22, 2016 08:37
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