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I'm posting because I am confused by this line on the website "You can start with OpenRemote Designer at no cost" Does this mean it will cost me at some stage, and if so how much? Do I only use the designer to create custom UI, so it is not needed if basic controls are all that is needed?

I am developing some hardware and looking to choose the middleware that I will base my systems on. So far your project looks great, but I am looking at all the options right now and comparing which way to go.

Thanks for any replies.

You can take the sources of Designer, and compile it for your own platform to be independent. There is a recipe for this somewhere in the forum.

Posted by pz1 at Jul 19, 2015 09:48

Hello Matt,

I was in a similar situation for the Velbus hardware I sell.

I've chosen to pay for the integration of Velbus into OpenRemote because in my opinion it offers the best flexibility for Velbus, but also the most amount of compatibility with other devices and protocols.

I'm not part of the OpenRemote management team, please remember that I'm just a user from here on

It is my understanding that there are different forks of OpenRemote, depending on your usage.

The 'demo' version, accessible via HTTP:// is a completely free to use, for life, design environment, where you can create the commands, sensors, switches, sliders etc that can be used in your end user interface.

This design can then be loaded into your Demo (Open Source) Controller.

This demo / free / composer version is very well supported by the community and has plenty of open source extras.

The Pro Controller has an initial sign up cost, but is supported by the management team.

This can be accessed from HTTP://, once you have your Pro log in details.

The Pro account requires a different controller to be loaded into your host machines, to run the designs you create.

Above the Pro accounts there are various OEM versions, which you can apply to the management team for more information about.

As an example, the Velbus code I've paid for be available in two different forms.

The Demo version which wi be packaged with the free controller, will support up to 5 Velbus modules.

Whereas the Pro version will support an almost infinite number of modules, across multiple network segments.

I hope this information helps you decide which middleware platform to run with.

Good luck


Posted by mdar at Jul 19, 2015 13:50

Thanks for the replies. It is clearer now. If OR got rid of the cloud based designer and updated more often this would be a killer project. I'm still checking this and a few other packages out.

Posted by skinah at Aug 29, 2015 14:24
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