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ive made a scipt which sends the command: x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa to a shell script
unfortunately x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa cannot be send because the char "\" is not allowed. the boot.log says that this char is not allowed.
is there another possibility?

this script runs when a switch is pushed:

rule "wifi rgb controller2 kleur rood"
//when switch is pushed:
Event( source == "rood.wifi.rgb.2.sens", value == "on")
//turn switch off
//send variable to shell command
execute.command("", "x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa");

the variable will be sent to shell script and execute a netcat command to control my ambilight

any posibillitys to send the command with chat "\" inside the string? tnx

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Yes, it is possible. You need to escape it with another \, so it should look like \\x56\\xff\\x00\\x00

Posted by aktur at Aug 20, 2015 07:37

HI thanks i tried that already ( ) but it does not return the correct value, i tried this execute command:

execute.command("", "\\x56\\xff\\x00\\x00\\xaa");

the log file says:

DEBUG 2015-08-20 07:04:46,064 (Shell): Will start shell command: /volume1/@appstore/OpenRemote/bin/wifi-rgb/ and use params: '\x56xffx00x00xaa'
DEBUG 2015-08-20 07:04:46,156 (Shell): Shell command: /volume1/@appstore/OpenRemote/bin/wifi-rgb/ returned: 

but it has to be '\x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa'
is there a way to use unicode chars?
i have another rule wich read a value from a colourpicker (which is variable)
but is also needs the same output, i tried unicode chars but it doenst work. im also stuck here

here is the 2nd rule:

rule "wifi rgb controller 2 kleurenschijf" 
$evt2:Event( source == "sensor.wifi.schijf2", $val2 : value)
String valStr2 = $val2.toString();  
if (valStr2 != null && valStr2.length() == 6) {

      String rStr1 = valStr2.substring(0,2);
      String gStr2 = valStr2.substring(2,4);
      String bStr3 = valStr2.substring(4,6);

execute.command("rgb2.kleurenschijf", rStr1.toString() + "\005C" + gStr2.toString() + "\005C" +  bStr3.toString());

any ideas?

Posted by robnas at Aug 20, 2015 08:11

As I said, you must add escape character for each string parsing command. How many there are depends. For example, I had to add '\n' to a command for separation, so I'll finally call:

  curl "Comand1\ncommand2"

through a shell script. In rules I'm preparing this with:


Where $n is command1 and $s is command2. Note, there are 3 escape \.

Posted by aktur at Aug 20, 2015 09:10

above doenst work for me,below works for me according to :

Regular Expressions, Literal Strings and Backslashes

In literal Java strings the backslash is an escape character. The literal string "\\" is a single backslash. In regular expressions, the backslash is also an escape character. The regular expression \\ matches a single backslash. This regular expression as a Java string, becomes "\\\\". That's right: 4 backslashes to match a single one.

The regex \w matches a word character. As a Java string, this is written as "\\w".

The same backslash-mess occurs when providing replacement strings for methods like String.replaceAll() as literal Java strings in your Java code. In the replacement text, a dollar sign must be encoded as \$ and a backslash as \\ when you want to replace the regex match with an actual dollar sign or backslash. However, backslashes must also be escaped in literal Java strings. So a single dollar sign in the replacement text becomes "\\$" when written as a literal Java string. The single backslash becomes "\\\\". Right again: 4 backslashes to insert a single one.

its for controlling an RGB wifi370 controller, see below for full documentation:

it works with "\\\\" to get a single \
below code will execute when pressing a switch:

rule "wifi rgb controller2 kleur rood"
Event( source == "rood.wifi.rgb.2.sens", value == "on")
\\turn switch off and send static colour command (below colour red is sent)
execute.command("", "\\\\x56\\\\xff\\\\x00\\\\x00\\\\xaa");

this rule below works for the colourpicker

rule "wifi rgb controller 2 kleurenschijf" 
$evt2:Event( source == "sensor.wifi.schijf2", $val2 : value)
String valStr2 = $val2.toString();

// if string is 6 chars then proceed 
// seperate the RGB values from the colourpicker command received
// x56 is the header and xaa is the footer of the colour command to be send (see below link for more info)
// then combines all values to \x56\xRR\xGG\xBB\xaa 

if (valStr2 != null && valStr2.length() == 6) {

    String rStr1 = "x" + valStr2.substring(0,2);
    String gStr2 = "x" + valStr2.substring(2,4);
    String bStr3 = "x" + valStr2.substring(4,6);
    String bs = "\\\\"; 
    String hd = "x56"; 
    String ft = "xaa"; 

execute.command("", bs.toString() + hd.toString() + bs.toString() + rStr1.toString() + bs.toString() + gStr2.toString() + bs.toString() + bStr3.toString() + bs.toString() + ft.toString());

its returns: \x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa which has to be sended to a shell script

create a shell command called :
add this code to the shell command:


create a .sh file with the code:

echo -e $1 | nc -q 1 5577

set the path in the shell command to your .sh file

this shell script will close the tcp connection from ip and port 5577 after 1 second when the red color string '\x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa' has been sended. don't set this to 0 otherwise your shell will freeze for a few minutes and all rules won't work .

it works for the wifi370 rgb controller, see documentation and commands:

this script works on my synology but you have to install bootsrap (IPKG) see: (german)

then install netcat on the synology:

ipkg install netcat

unfortunately i noticed that after a reboot of the synology the bootstrap wont start, i dont know what causes this problem

see also a documentation to control the Hyperion TV Ambilight on your raspberry PI:

Posted by robnas at Aug 20, 2015 21:10

If you are calling netcat from a rule through shell command then perhaps you can simply use a TCP/IP protocol instead? You can feed it with hex string for the Command: field. For '\x56\xff\x00\x00\xaa' you will send simply '0x56ff0000aa'.

Posted by aktur at Aug 21, 2015 15:43

i did that before, it works directly with a pushbutton and the tcp command but when i call that same command from rules the whole system freezes. rules will hangup itself for a few minutes and nothing works . i dont know what that problem is, probably the wifi controller will cause this.
when i execute the command via the shell without netcat the shell also freezes. or is there a posibillity to close the TCP connection after 1 second with a parameter?

i want to execute this command via rules because i can couple 2 or more wifi controllers and give them one colour at the same time and than it works perfectly with the netcat command.

maybe you could help me out why netcat and bootstrap wont work after a synology reboot?

Posted by robnas at Aug 21, 2015 15:59

when using a sensor to the tcp command still freezes rules and it hangs for a few minutes, so i need a parameter to disconnect the tcp connection like netcat does now

Posted by robnas at Aug 21, 2015 20:38
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