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I'm using the online designer here:

And I seem to have just lost all my designer configs. Just "poof" and they're gone. It appears as though I deleted my Panel... but I didn't... and certainly didn't click "Yes"... and closed the window to re-open when it seemed to have disappeared (without doing a controller "save") but I dare not sync the controller.

I probably pulled a zip sometime back... but I don't see anyway to restore it even if I have it.


I had a similar problem.

Spent a couple of hours figuring out some panels to control my Nexa dimmers. Next time i went into the designer, all the panels changes had gone. Like the entire session was lost. I use a number of PC's and I guess that the session logic in the web platform can;t cope.

Shame, as this kind of problem can REALLY put you off using something, and much of what's here looks very appealing.

Posted by guyandrewdawson at Oct 28, 2015 09:49
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