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This weekend makes the third big time chunk of diving in to OpenRemote that I've put in. When I put big time chunks into something technical like this, I make a bunch of progress and get the feel for the project, the community, the technology... and it usually turns into "nope, this isn't a good use of time" or "yup, this is worth further time, energy, and money investment."

OR has me frustrated with trying to answer that question: nope or yup?

The premise is spot on: the back-end technology is adequately developed to accommodate a breadth of technologies for control / integration / presentation; the structure is little messy (designer / console / controller / beehive? <--hmm... ), but not the worst around.

I can really "see" all the great intention by the dev team and the initial efforts to publish marketing / manuals / documentation... but the stick-to-it on this is... uh... lacking.

And then there's the typical super-early-phase community: very technical - so technical they don't realize that what they're doing is really technical; and the blend of kind, supportive help and total lack of response and saucy "RTFM" or "LMGTFY" that is to be expected. But it's such a small community and there's so little help for anyone not technical or trying to dip their toe in.

The oft-quoted / correct / official way to get into it? Order the book, "How to Smart Home." Yeah. Did that. Useful... sort of. But out-dated at this point WRT OR; and the examples given are almost too specific to be helpful in other ways. The time spent on the scripts for "presence detection" (biggest bulk of content aside from KNX) are an incredibly detailed mess... and quite possibly not the ideal way to do it today. The fact that there's a chapter on how to relaunch the controller when it crashes is indicative of the state the project was in when the book was written.

Of course, my frustration blew up when I lost my config in Designer yesterday. Just "poof" and the whole GUI is gone. Searching the 'board shows that there is no recovery and no backup can be restored - even if I move to a local Designer, there's no moving the content from the cloud version to the local (unless something's changed - lord knows it wouldn't be published if it had).

So I'm left with the harsh truth that if I want a reliable / backed-up system and configs I'll have to wade through the un-documented mess of which repositories to use and how to compile my own versions of beehive and designer. And yeah... that's official, right? So I'm back to wondering if I start over with another project / product or pour a hundred hours or so into this. FTR, if you'd bill me a grand or two for a working product, I'd be thrilled.

I guess I'm part whining... and part looking at the potential here and just aghast that something that /could/ be doing much better is still getting the exact same "we're going to do something about that" and "we're going to do something awesome" plus "we are under-staffed" for years now. How many? three? five?

I'd love to hear from someone in the team that can express what's going on with this.

Just in case you haven't seen the discussion here:

Update: Just noted that you did respond to that (now derailed) thread.

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