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Currently I am trying this software to test integration modules for security systems to confirm operation before a/v integrator takes system into control 4. However I see no operating system for my current windows OS. any answers?


If it helps, I'm running two copies on windows 7 Starter edition Netbooks and everything is running really well.

I'm also building a mini server on a BeagleBone Black.

Posted by mdar at Sep 01, 2015 19:14

As an update...

I've just this second got an OpenRemote Pro server up and running on the BeagleBone Black

I need to create a log on script that will set the variables and load the server, but it's working manually.

The really nice thing is that I've got a simple Din Rail housing for it, so it'll sit nicely in my electrical cabinet.

If it passes all the tests, I'm going to offer it as a solution to my Velbus clients.

Posted by mdar at Sep 11, 2015 23:38
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