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I just started to use Openremote and run in to a problem with the slider and hopefully someone in the forum can help me. I'm using Openremote on a KNX system and my problem is when I'm pushing the slider towards 100 % dimming starts and slider showing 100% after a second the slide is going back showing 20% and then I have to push the slider to 100% again and same thing it goes back to maybe 40% and after that I can't get it more than 40%.I have tried to use my laptop and a Raspberry as controller with same result.I have tried with (dimmer value direct) range and scale 0-100% with same results.

I have created a On and Off switch and that one gives me 65% as the KNX is said to give when switching on but if I try to increase with the slide it goes the opposite way down to approx 40%.If I dimmer up on the wall switch I get my slider to show 100% but as soon as I touch the slider it goes back to 40%.

The slider also reacting very slowly.

Please help me !!!


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