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hello all

Few questions here...

I have pro designer, bought together with the ebox.

I want to take profit of the 'new zwave' funtionalities (include on and so on)

Noticed that the ebox image on the download link for the image contains an old image, strange...

I suppose I have to upgrade the controller manually on the ebox. But this looks risky. has anyone done this already?
in the instructions here :

you see people mentionning troubles, having to edit/create scripts.

So for safetysake, has some one an upgraded ebox image, including the new zwave.jar?

I'm relatively green regarding Linux. is it possible to install a samba like tool (and run it) on the ebox, so I don't have to dig in linux when doing the next upgrade?

best regards,


Had help from Eric Barriaux. I post here the steps taken to install a new pro controller package if the ebox image is not ready yet:
download the pro controller package
download putty.exe and pscp (google them)
add pscp to your path in a dos box:
path c:\dir\putty\ (change if needed)
now copy the zip file to the opt directory of your ebox:
launch pscp with next parms
pscp c:\downloadpath\ root@ipadressebox:uploadpath (root@ for example)
enter the password, and copying will begin
when finish exit pscp

open putty and start a ssh session with your ebox
go to the root (succesive cd .. commands, I suppose there is a shortcut)
cd opt (change to the opt directory)
ls (check the zip file is there)
"unzip" (will unzip in new dir in the actual dir: opt)
rm OpenRemote-Controller(remove the softlink)
ln -s OpenRemote-Controller-Pro1.2.0 OpenRemote-Controller (replace the softlink)
wait until controller available and resync your config to it

have fun


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