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Is it possible to use a IR 3.5mm dongle in the headphone jack with openremote? If it's possible how do I configure that?


You mean in the iPhone? No, not possible.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 16, 2015 13:58

No not the iPhone. An android...
But I mean that you can buy IR senders that you plug into the headphone jack on your phone, but I guess it's not working then.

Posted by pappabjoern at Oct 18, 2015 18:16

Same with Android. The console only communicates with controller. You need some IR device like irtrans.

Posted by mredeker at Oct 18, 2015 20:31

Ah ok thanks for your reply.
So is it because openremote just don't support it or is it not doable at all? I know that some apps on google play supports the use of IR 3.5mm dongles. But I guess I need to get irtrans or some other device then.
Do you know if irtrans and other IR devices needs to be in line of site of the things it will control in order to work?

Posted by pappabjoern at Oct 19, 2015 11:34

Our apps don't support anything directly controlled by the app without the controller.
Irtrans is pretty strong. You can have it point sideways and it would still reach

Posted by mredeker at Oct 19, 2015 17:10

Ah, I understand now, thx.

That sounds indeed promising, do you have one yourself? Can it control more than 1 device at the same time, like both TV and Receiver? And what if someone walks in front of the TV/Receiver when I issue the command with irtrans, will it still turn on the device or will it be interrupted?

I ask because I have a really bad experience with my Logitech Harmony that was very sensitive to line of site. If someone walked by the tv it was interrupted and couldn't start it. Or if I "aimed" the Harmony slight from the tv it didn't turn it on either. I don't want to experience that horrible dream again =P

Posted by pappabjoern at Oct 20, 2015 09:14

By "3.5mm dongle" you probably mean a device suposed to be fed with wave-"audio" through the earphone jack. Although that can provably be put to work, this is not a technologically sound solution, IMHO. Sacrificing the telephoning and music playing abilities of the smartphone is just one drawback... To fit into the OR client/server architecture, one possibility would be to write a server application that runs on the android device, for example emulating an IrTrans or a GlobalCache.

The line-of-sight problem can be eliminated either by using stick-on emitters (like attached to the device just in front of their IR receiver, or using a "IR in" input (present on some devices), that can be connected directly to a device like GlobalCache (or IrTrans). That way you can control them individually.

(Before you ask: such an stick-on emitter should not be plugged into the earphone plug of a smartphone.)

Posted by barf at Oct 20, 2015 09:42

I mean something like this,searchweb201527_4,searchweb201560_9

And I don't agree that it's a draw back. I have a bunch of Android tablets that I have bought to use for different things. I Have one that is only to be used as a remote control for my TV/Receiver and smarthome devices. So using a small device like the one in the link instead is more beneficial than have yet another device that should be put somewhere and that needs power/ethernet calbes and so on.

But thx for your reply, and I guess I have to go with irtrans or something similar.

Posted by pappabjoern at Oct 20, 2015 12:40
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