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I am new to open remote, and am looking to add features. I noticed that some features that are already implemented are for commercial use only. So my questions are.
Why should I contribute if the features I'm looking for already exist in the professional version?
If I duplicate efforts will they be available to benefit the non-commercial community?



Because the features in the Pro / commercial versions are fully supported and have been proven to be robust and suitable for a commercial environment.

Posted by mdar at Nov 03, 2015 16:48

You can not enforce that your version makes it into the main branch or the release version. From the other point of view you can be as open as you like about your own contributions, in this way they are never lost. The public repository contains all components to create a fully functional solution. In this way it is still realistic to create a branch or you own release versions, should that be the way to go for you.

Posted by toesterdahl at Nov 04, 2015 05:33
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