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I recently bought aan opentherm gateway to monitor the communication between my central heater and my thermostat. The idea was to use this data in openremote.
The gateway comes with a nice monitoring software tool which converts the opentherm data in to understandable information. This information is published on its own build in website.
I guess it must be possible to get this data into openremote probably with Json.
Is there anyone who has already done this because I have not got a clue what code to put in to the openremote command.
There is some info about the opentherm gateway about commicating with the gateway;

here's a little update on my open remote / opentherm project.
as you can see in my question i am a absolute noob on java / json so i did not had any clue where to start. After hours of searching i found a comment about getting all the data from the opentherm gateway.
The opentherm gateway can be monitored with a nice piece of software which is called otmonitor. this software translates all the data on the opentherm bus in to understandable data, like room temperature, boiler temperature, outside sensor temperature, etc, etc.
It also host a small web server where you ca see all this information. I finally found out that you can get all this dat with a simple json command. like this
where is the ip of the system which has the otmonitor running and 8081 the port which you can set in the otmonitor configuration.
This command typed in a browser gives all the data available in the gateway.
now with a simple http command i can get all this data into openremote! Ready to make some nice graphs!

Posted by bgroot at Jan 26, 2016 08:40

Don't understand your last sentence. Please wrap that in {code}..{code} tags
Do you make use of the built-in RRD4J protocol for the graphs? Or the graphs from

Posted by pz1 at Jan 26, 2016 10:59

The last sentence should be two images , one contains the command menu from the designer and the second image is a graph i made using all the new data from the opentherm gateway.
but unfortunately the image upload does not work anymore.
For the graphs i use another program called EmonCMS. this is very user friendly and makes nice and interactive graphs.

Posted by bgroot at Jan 26, 2016 14:40
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