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I have read that Logitech has found it possible to control a ps4 via Bluetooth once the ps4 has been turned on (and I assume) logged into. I am wondering if it would be possible to do the same with open remote?

I could understand if the Bluetooth connection was the problem, but I am new to openremote and would like to see if there is a way to have the controller connect via Bluetooth to the ps4. If this is possible, I was thinking that it would also be possible to hack a ps4 controller to turn on and press the cross button (to log in) by using a microcontroller. So I assume you could then be able to use openremote for the whole process from there.

Anyway, I use my ps4 as a console, bluray player and plex client. So I am really interested in getting this going if possible. It's the openremote controller to Bluetooth part though that I assume someone with some experience could shed some quick light on for me.


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