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In the past, I used to have OR KNX 1.4.2 installed on my iPhone 4 to control the lighting in my house.
After upgrading my PC and my iPhone4 to an iPhone 6 I managed to lose my OR KNX application (so I thought at least) as I could not re-install from AppStore.

It has maybe been removed because the developer Jörg Falkenberg so tragically passed away?

However, searching through my backups I found the IPA-file for my OR KNX 1.4.2 application and have successfully installed it on my iPhone 6 device.

I have also found several backups (XML files) of my OR KNX database on Google Drive (previously Google Docs).

Unfortunately I'm not able to RESTORE any of the XML backups through the OR KNX application feature (Import/Export).

Maybe because Google Docs is now Google Drive or because the OR KNX application is not 100% compatible with iOS 9.2.1?

Does anyone know, or have an idea, how to restore the XML file manually and to where it should be copied on the iOS device?

Can this be done using iTunes (12.X) or must some other tool be used?

Any idea or help is extremely welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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