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I'm the lead developer at Mi Casa Verde. We just announced a new release of our software which targets open, collaborative environments. We're also giving away cash bonuses and free hardware to developers who are interested in making their products work nicely with ours.

Since our new version is fully UPnP compliant, and exposes Z-Wave, Insteon and soon Zigbee devices as standard UPnP devices to be controlled from any UPnP control point, it seems that your remote control software is likely to already work as a front end for our box.

Any of the OpenRemote lead developers interested in a dialog?



Thanks for reaching out. We hear good things about mi casa verde.  Yes it would make sense for us to test if the existing UPnP integration works as advertised with your product. Matthieu Gallissot wrote the integration and it would make sense for him to test it and get the goodies and whether we can expose MCV icons in the assembler as well.  Matthieu hangs out on the chat a bunch, send me contact info by email and I will make sure he gets in contact with you... marcf at

again thanks for reaching out, much appreciated.

Posted by marcf at Jun 13, 2009 09:35

Hi Aaron,

As Marc said above, I've made the UPnP integration for OpenRemote. I'm very intersted in this technology, and for sure, I'd like to try it with your product. My email is mathieu.gallissot at

Talk to you soon,


Posted by mgallissot at Jun 13, 2009 16:45
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