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I do not can connect with OR from IPHONE 3g (OS 2.2) with ABB IG/S1.1.

Whether connection is supported on UDP and where to find the list of compatible gateways ?

List of known to work gateways is here: ListOfGateways

ABB is not listed there but I do remember somebody mentioning they were trying it with OR iKNX as well. Let us know how it goes for you.

As the page mentions, make sure no other device is using up the connection.

Posted by juha at Aug 22, 2009 22:09

Sorry, the IG/S 1.1 supports only the older, EIBlib protocol. As this is not part of the KNX standard, OR KNX uses KNXnet/IP...

Posted by jfalkenberg at Aug 23, 2009 15:28
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