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Hi all

Looking to buy a USB Dongle transmitter that will allow me to control light switches on the 433MHZ band.
will need an ability to write scripts with the proper codes sequence.
have type of switches.

ANyone has an experience with that? which USB RF device you recommend ?

Same thing I need for controlling IR type devices.
will need at least 4 zones of IR coverage that will have same type of IR receiver. (4 same type of CABLE boxes that understand the same codes, so will need somehow to separate the transmission.)

which IR transmitter you recommend to buy ?

Thanks, David

For IR, take a look at GlobalCaché. They have multiple independent IR outputs.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 16, 2013 10:27

Thnks. Is it configuration only with OR or I need to develop scripts and code to control the IR ITouch flex?

I checked a software iRule. Will OR totally replace the iRule for me? Looks like it but not sure.

Anyone has suggestion on the 433mhz RF device?

Is there other forum where I can get some info on the subject ?

Thank you in advance.

Posted by dadarara at Aug 16, 2013 11:59

You don't need any external component, you can directly send the appropriate TCP command to the iTach.
You'll need to know how to format IR codes as per the GlobalCaché API.

There is a wizard in OpenRemote Professional to import certain IR codes from Philips Pronto XCF files and directly generated the appropriate GC commands.

OR offers similar functionality to iRule, so you should indeed not have a need for iRule.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 16, 2013 13:38

Anyone has suggestion on the 433mhz RF device?

Posted by dadarara at Aug 20, 2013 09:50

There is some info here:
I tested the ezcontrol device before and it is working well:

Posted by mredeker at Aug 21, 2013 08:27

There is actually some sensible information in the thread Marcus quoted. Let me add some:

The EzControl is most likely the easiest to get to work. Slightly pricy though. I have been using a T-10 for many years, and my home would simply not be the same without it. Alternatives may be Telldus (usb or Ethernet see the quoted thread) and RFXCOM (usb). Both should be possible to get to work. Telldus has lots of API-support software for Linux, and is, as far as I can tell, well supported by Eventghost. (Actually, I have one Telldus duo and one RFCCOM in the closet, just waiting for me to get time to "play with it".) Recently, there appeared this gadget from Intertechno but since there does not seem to be an API published, I guess they do not want us as their customers (just the "App"-crowd).

There is also the possibility of sending an appropriate IR-signal into an IR-to-RF gateway, like one half of a suitable "IR-extender", like the Gluing an IR-emitter to one such, and connecting the plug to a GlobalCache or the like (LIRC?), and you are done. The codes can be generated from e.g. IrMaster.

Even "freakier", an TX433 module (google, ebay) can be had for 10-15€ or less, and can be connected to e.g. a GlobalCache or a LIRC sender, and fed with signal generated by IrMaster. The possibly hard thing is to turn of the modulation frequency. In this posting (unfortunately in German only) I show how I do this with a Raspberry Pi, Lirc, and a hacked device driver.

Edit: Wrote "RX433", meant "TX433", changed. "R" is for receive, "T" for transmit. Not that hard really...

Posted by barf at Aug 21, 2013 18:41
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