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I am new to OR but I do have a KNX system installed in my house. When I found OpenRemote KNX in the iPhone AppStore I HAD to purchase it - but I have difficulties to get a connection from the iPhone to my N146 KNX/IP router via WLAN. My WLAN is on a 172.16.31.xx subnet and the N146 is on the LAN on a 192.168.4.xx subnet. So I tried to setup NAT with port forwarding on the firewall (this works well with other LAN IP devices I use via WLAN on my iPhone). I did forward UDP port 3671 but still I get no connection.

What port(s) must be available to the iPhone so it can connect to my N146 Router?


I think I found the solution: When I connect to my old N148 Gateway my setup (port 3671 forwarded to WLAN) works fine. So it seems the N146 can NOT server more than 1 connection at the same time (it is being used by the GIRA Homeserver as well).

Posted by tkefer at Oct 13, 2009 17:24

Sounds like a pretty typical situation. We can alleviate the issue somewhat by implementing connection policies that create/tear KNX-IP connections on demand but obviously that won't help much if other 3rd party products use the connection regardless. In that case buying more expensive KNX/IP router hardware seems the only option.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Oct 14, 2009 23:52

Yes - but I thought the N146 that I tried to use IS a KNX/IP router and should support more than one connection at a time? Actually, when I think about it - it does (at least within the LAN): I can use the GIRA Homeserver and the ETS3 software at the same time. So maybe I am still missing something in the firewall setup to make it work with a router? Something that is not needed by the N148 gateway?


Posted by tkefer at Oct 15, 2009 08:09

Yeah, that's what I see here too. The N148 supports only one connection at a time. I'm not sure how ETS+Homeserver do this. Here's a page with more details and a possible solution:

Posted by jfalkenberg at Oct 15, 2009 21:35
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