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Not to start a flamewar, but I was wondering if anyone on the dev team has considered using Git rather than SVN? I'm just checking out the codebase now.

I switched to a distributed SCM about a year ago and love it. It makes hacking on other people's code much easier - for instance I could just clone your repo, make a few development branches to play with locally, commit my changes and then if you guys wanted to incorporate my code you could just merge in my changesets.

I'll probably end up using the git-svn plugin to do just that, but I thought I'd make the suggestion...

Git or Mercurial would definitely be my choice for the next project. However, there's not yet compelling enough reason to spend the time on migration (other stuff to do).

Posted by juha at Feb 17, 2010 03:55

That's true. I started with Mercurial - it's pretty nice. I forced myself to learn Git 'cause I was using a lot of stuff hosted on github (which ROCKS btw), and I think I like it a lot better. The biggest difference is that Mercurial encourages forking through clones (make a new repo in a different location) while Git encourages branching (all in the same directory), and I really prefer the branch approach. Git also seems to have better support for monkeying with how commits are combined (rebasing and all).

Anyway, just about to start poking through the code, cant wait!

Posted by kerinin at Feb 17, 2010 16:41
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