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Hi, I'm working on an Arduino based controller for home automation. Right now I'm designing the firmware of the controller. I'm standing in front of dilemma - what protocol to implement with communication with some PC software. In this post you suggested me to write my own protocol rather than use something already made. OK, but that means that I have to write the PC interface also. Why to do so when there are so many wonderful interfaces like GIRA or similar? Besides that I don't have the time and knowledge to do it pretty and professional.

Couldn't I just make my firmware speak the language that speaks these interfaces? This way my controller is not alone in the dark, it's open to the world. But what to be this language? I found that X10 doesn't defines a protocol to communicate with the PC. There are few modules like VA11A, CM15A and some others that behave differently. I couldn't find the protocol they use to communicate via serial/USB to the PC, but it seems they all use different protocols. Please, tell me if I'm wrong about this stuff.

So, what about the KNX? I like the GIRA interface. There are several other interface solutions out there, including yours. Can I make my controller act like an KNX controller? From what I saw, there is some king of KNX IP router that make the connection between the KNX network and Ethernet. What I think is to implement the message system that is implemented in this KNX IP router. But where can I see this message system?

Please, help me on this. You have implemented these protocols in your software and you know best how things works.
Thanks in advance

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