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Eric Bariaux mentioned this in another thread, does anybody have some extra details on what to listen to for devices that send out the AMX device discovery beacon?


– Juha

Hi Juha,

I don't have any docs on the AMX side but I found this link from GlobalCaché: GC_TT-beacon.pdf


Posted by ebariaux at Jun 17, 2009 07:14

Hi Eric,

Yeah was looking at this earlier, and should get it into Controller so GC units in the local LAN could be discovered.

Was wondering though if AMX actually publishes some definition of this so we could do the same with the ORB unit itself. It would be discoverable in an AMX installation. Was part of the larger discovery discussion (around Bonjour) we had earlier too.

The fields are somewhat self-explanatory but would still be nice to get some more exact definitions. Googling yields nothing useful which makes me wonder if AMX even releases these publicly?

Posted by juha at Jun 17, 2009 23:56
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