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hi all im experimenting with amx and the pro designer in my home setup .
im just wondering if i can add more the one device in the amx module so that i can control more then just on thing in amx
i have gotten OR to speak to my ni controller but directly to device ie.. ir on ni is this the right way to do it??

any help is greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can pass multiple AMX devices to the OR Proxy module. The last parameter in the DEFINE_MODULE call is an array.

The "device index" parameter you must define in OR commands for the AMX protocol is the index of the device in that array.

Devices can either be physical (an IR output or a serial port) on the NI and can be any virtual device you have defined in your program.

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 04, 2013 15:32

is there a maximum number of devices i can pass

Posted by jon.gillioz at Sep 05, 2013 13:39

Currently fixed to 32 in the module you have.

I picked that value arbitrarily and it can be changed based on the feedback we receive.

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 05, 2013 17:38
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