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I'm Rafel, from Barcelona.

I'm trying to do my first KNX panel, but something crash.

I have:

+ Windows7xProfx64bits
+ Siemens N148/22

I bought the Siemens N148/22 since in theory support up to 5 connections simultaneous, but I think the PO does not support N148/22.

I was doing a rather simple test to turn on (switch on / off) for 6 hours without success. Finally the work, I decided to change the N148/22, for a N148/21 that my friend lent me and with this rather simple change, the system was able turning the light-

I think the N148/22 is interesting because you can have 5 commented simultaneous connections, which allows viewing on the ETS circulating telegrams from the bus, while other products can also connect to the bus.


The error was:
ERROR HTTP\-Threat\-2 org.openremote.controler.protocol.knx.KNXConectionManager$CalimeroConnection.sendInternal<1151> | Unable to send KNX commandFRAME L_Data.req 0.0.0 -> 0/0/30 Data: 0x01. Connection closed.

I have a printscreen, but I don't know how to clip in this forum.


Hmm.. so do you know what is the difference between /22 and /21 ?

The error shown says connection is closed... I still need to put connection retry policy in place when this happens, but this would have been easily solved with a controller restart. Unless the /22 would for some reason be very aggressive in closing connections.

You can attach screenshots with the insert image button on the top but better is if you can go to your Controller/logs/controller.log file and post here the parts related to KNX.

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