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I am starting with some simple rules for Z-Wave devices with a RaspberryPi with Z-Way.
When I implement my rules in the modeler_rules.drl, nothing happens. Or at least, nothing happens anymore.. A few days ago when I put in a rule through the onlinedesigner it worked for a few times, but now it doesn't anymore. I am still using the same script.

Do I have to restart the OpenRemoteController process and the Z-Way server as well after editing the rules??

I have restarted the OpenRemote-Controller service a few times but still nothing happens...

I am now editing the modeler_rules.drl via ssh. Does that have something to do with it not working?
When I make a new drl file do I have to activate it somehow?

I have found nothing on the forum to help me with this basic problems.

Thanks in advance!

Did you look into boot.log after the latest restart of you controller? Did it say anything.
It could be helpful if you published your rule definition here.

PS: For better readability you should enclose your code and logs within {code}..{code} tags (see markup instructions). Do not place a / inside the end tag.

Posted by pz1 at Dec 20, 2013 11:17

I have just installed bootlogd to check the bootlog. Nothing special here.

So this is the rule:

package org.openremote.controller.protocol

global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.CommandFacade execute;
global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.SwitchFacade switches;

rule "SwitchOn"

  timer (cron : 0 25 12 * * ?)

when eval(true) then


Another thing: After boot I try but I always have to wait for more than 5 minutes for it to work. Same for the Ipad and Android app

Posted by somersmaarten at Dec 20, 2013 11:56
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