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Is it possible to integrate additional buttons to the samsung tv remote control module?
The codes mentioned in do work for me, but a particular button seems to be missing. In fact it's the button for the 3D menu that should be available as KEY_3D and its keycode is 1219.

Is there a way to integrate this key or should it work right now?

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I took a quick look at the implementation, on a quick glance it would appear it is sending the current codes as base64 encoded strings, not including any particular keycodes. If that's the case for KEY_3D as well, would be trivial to add.

However would still be interested finding the specification that details the current protocol that is in use, and in particular that details the base64 convention and if KEY_3D is still expected to work or if it depends on particular model or version of the protocol.

Posted by juha at Jul 22, 2013 13:26
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