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I am very new to this Openremote software, but I am a professional subscriber, and I'm a software engineer by trade. I am looking into the capabilities of this software as it currently stands and had a few questions for the experts here. It appears you have virtually full Java syntax available to you in the rules feature, but do you have it do the extent that you can scan files on a hard drive and conduct actions based on the content of those files? I'm looking to have a text file with certain commands written into it, and when it reads the commands, it will perform the action and clear out the text on the file to reset it. After it carries out the command and clears out the file, it will begin scanning again waiting for further commands from the file.

Is this kind of functionality available? I'm sure eventually I'll figure this out on my own as I attempt it, but if you folks already know the answer I would appreciate the shortcut answer. Thank you!


Sure it can done. One way of doing this is described in Othmar's book

Posted by aktur at Nov 17, 2014 08:36

I ordered the book, looks like great stuff, thanks!

Posted by nerdifiedgeek at Nov 19, 2014 03:30
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