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brand new to this, so help much appreciated. I am planning a home automation with a Aeon Z-Stick S2 and have been following the device on How to Z Wave to set it up.

Java SE Development Kit is on 8.0.450.15

In the Composer (free), I edited the z-wave controller properties (I checked the COM port is really 8):
protocol.zwave.classname: org.openremote.controller.protocol.zwave.ZWaveCommandBuilder localhost
zwave.comPort: COM8
zwave.pad.port: 7876

I enabled debug logging in the file "log4j.appender.zwave-file.Threshold = DEBUG" but the log file itself stays empty even after synchronizing on http://localhost:8080/controller/, it looks like I am not connecting to the device.

So at this stage I am not sure what is going on. Any hints would be very welcome

Here's what fixed my zwave issue:

64 bit zwave fix

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