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Hi everyone,
i have a new system of building automation, and i comunicated with UDP command.
For the status of the output, i interrogate the system, and it send me a UDP string whith the cumulative status.
I created a java application, of every 2 second i send request via UDP, decript the string and it write the xml file for every status.
In OR, i created a command for the status how i get the status in polling evrey 1s.
The problem is a latency, because i have 150 status sensor, and time, when i switched the button is variable for 3sec to 10sec.

I've possibilites to create another protocol of comunication, for example, i sent the UDP.

There are alternative for a polling system?
For example whit my java application, i write directly in OR, or I integrate my java application in Rule?

Do you have advice?

Thanks for every one, and sorry for my english.

You can use UDP listener to send something to OpenRemote.

Posted by mredeker at Dec 02, 2014 01:24
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