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I put the Android binary up for download to cut down a few steps on the Android deployment I described in a recent blog post.

Download OpenRemote-Android-1.0.0_Alpha1.apk

Worth noting is that the Android implementation should still be considered a proof-of-concept (hence 'Alpha') and doesn't yet contain all the features in the latest iPhone console, and has some known issues. Nevertheless, the basic functionality is in place and should work. The barrier to testing, patching and developing the console functionality on Android is also lower.

Quick Steps

  1. Download Android SDK (Linux, Mac or Windows)
  2. unzip
  3. cd android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r3/tools
  4. ./android create avd --name openremote --target 2
  5. ./emulator -avd openremote &
  6. ./adb install /path/to/OpenRemote-Android-1.0.0_Alpha1.apk
  7. Enter '' as device URL

Hello Juha,

In the emulator window, i have the message : ..../iphone.xml not found ??????

And i test Android !

What can i do to resolved ? or if you have explanation or a doc for me


Posted by bebenous at May 25, 2010 11:08

Try the URL you configured in your Android emulator with your web browser (append the /iphone.xml to it) and see if the file is returned. If not, then there's a configuration mistake.

Posted by juha at May 26, 2010 05:01

I tried in Android emulator with http://localhost:8080/controller/iphone.xml : Web page not available, then i tried with my ip : and it worked (image is displayed), but with iphone.xml i have no message the screen is black.

It's the same in Open Remote Console, may be it found the iphone.xml (a copy from an iphone.xml i found)

Do you have a sample file for iphone.xml for Android (It's normal yet ?) ? because when i created my there was not iphone.xlm file

Excuse me i forget :

I test on my notebook in windows XP,


Posted by bebenous at May 28, 2010 14:35

Not having iphone.xml certainly sounds suspect. What did you use to create your

The Android 1.0 alpha uses the same iphone.xml, there's nothing specific to Android there.

Posted by juha at May 28, 2010 15:02
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