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Android console 2.3.0 has now been created this release is intended to be pushed to the Play store so this is a chance for those user's interested to check it out in advance: -

There is some basic documentation now available at the following wiki page: -

openremote.png (image/png)
openremote-full.png (image/png)
Custom panel.jpg (image/jpeg)
Naamloos.png (image/png)

Richard Turner thank you

I am in test, everything seems worked well

Beautiful work !!

Posted by pierre2302 at Apr 04, 2015 19:57

Very nice! So far it runs perfectly without any problems. Thank you!

Posted by mschrauf at Apr 05, 2015 11:14

This fixed issues I was having running things on a Nexus Tablet running the latest Android OS. Great to see this.


Posted by kslate at Apr 06, 2015 01:15

Hello Richard,

I have a configuration that is working on IOS(phone and tablet) but i cannot make it work on Android phones nor tablets, i have tried every model came in my hand and i could not load the screens at all. I even tryed only one screen with one jpng and nothing else. When it comes to loding it says Openremote has stopped and that was it.
I have tested with running the OpenRemote-Controller-Pro1.1.0 on Synology and on Windows machine.

What can I do?

Thank you.

Posted by ckbsmart at Apr 06, 2015 20:46


Please email me your controller zip file which you can get from the designer and I will try and have a quick look.


Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 06, 2015 21:34

Almost spot on (he says, delurking after being very busy!)

a) Scaling almost behaves on a Nexus 5 - 3.4x3.7 is nearly spot on but the ratio is still "off" if trying to get full screen

b) Some icons don't scale and revert to 1x1 scale

c) I keep getting the default profile even when I delete it

d) my PS3 layout (scale as above) has a broken button position- but only one, which is odd

Now I need to go do something for Pierre in the not too distant future! :\

Posted by ptruman at Apr 07, 2015 22:12

Looking good, the logo is of low quality, i have made lossless versions for you, can I suggest you use them instead so it doesn't look pixelated on device - SVG

Posted by glennl at Apr 08, 2015 03:57

I will say however, that this version doesn't crash, like the one on the store

Posted by ptruman at Apr 09, 2015 13:59

Now I need to go do something for Pierre in the not too distant future! :\ ??

Posted by pierre2302 at Apr 10, 2015 04:59


I ahve tested the 2.3.0. over my LG G3 with all 5 panels. The 1920x1080 (for my Sony Z2), the 1024x786 (for my iPad2) and 2048x1536(that is an option) crash.

The 1024x600 acts like I have described in the following like:
The full one and thetest one with background image are stuck in a blank screen with the ability to roll back by pressing 2 seconds on the screen.
The 3rd one with only few switeches works OK (but it is a simple test). If I add a background image to it it acts like the above two panels.

Up till now nobody addresssed the issue.

Posted by niraviry at Apr 10, 2015 15:52

Hi Glen,

Thanks for the images, I already have high resolution PNGs; problem was related to the fact that I only defined medium size drawables so on a high DPI device it would look pixelated. I have now defined a few different sizes up to xhpi.

I'll be releasing a new build shortly with this change included.


Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 10, 2015 17:27

Hi Chira,

I have identified your issue and it will be fixed in the APK I publish shortly. Will post again on here once I have deployed it.


Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 10, 2015 17:30

Such large images will result in Out of Memory exceptions whilst trying to load them. The image processing within the Android Console does need a bit of work but Android limits the amount of memory available to each process and unfortunately images require a lot of memory when they are decoded into Bitmaps.

Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 10, 2015 17:38

New build of version 2.3.0 is now available for download: -

This will soon be pushed to the play store.


Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 10, 2015 18:02

Thanks Rich,

All better now

Something you might enjoy, you can now run Android apps on your PC easily, might help you test future versions

I used it to install OpenRemote and works fine.

Posted by glennl at Apr 11, 2015 02:54

it works better for me 1st release, wallpapers put it to the size of my screen and x, y I adjust the rest of the panel. Whereas with the latest wallpapers do not fit !! For the first release only the buttons that not deform switches

Posted by pierre2302 at Apr 11, 2015 04:41

The decision was made to maintain the aspect ratio of the background images, the designer should provide additional options rather than just fillscreen until then some people will want it to stretch and others will want it to maintain the aspect ratio, can't please everyone with implicit behaviour.

Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 11, 2015 10:11

If your answer regarding background resolution is relates to my post than it is not the case as larger resolution panels exist in the same design work fine (like 1920 x 1080).
Anyway, the new version does not crash other resolution.

The 1024 x 600 still create an error as I have mentioned before, that is not related to the Android console. The error is seen only in a PC.
In Android you just a blank screen once the is a background images.

Posted by niraviry at Apr 11, 2015 13:38

I still have some problems. I have used the new version with 3 devices. I have 4 panels with same design and different resolution.
The 1024 x 600 still does not work (see previous message in this thread).
Using the 1920 x 1080 panel I have upscaled the panel and it works OK.
Using the sme panel I have down scaled it to another device (69%) and it works fine.
On the Galaxy tab2 - I have downscaled it (51%) and the design is showing all buttons, images labels and is working fine but the background images just vanished.
BTW, in order for the background images to strech all over the scaled screen there is a need to enable it in the screen designs (in the background image).

Need your help.

Posted by niraviry at Apr 13, 2015 20:41

I do not know if that can help but when I created a custom panel, me inform only Screen width and screen height. Otherwise I had marigold of opening

Posted by pierre2302 at Apr 13, 2015 22:51

It is known to me. I used it the same way but it still does not work.
I think the 1024 x 600 requires special thread. This the only resolution the makes problems And causes JSON parse error even in the webconsole over a PC (I use Linux MINT 17).

Posted by niraviry at Apr 14, 2015 20:21

I final got around to testing 2.3.0. Awesome job. I did some testing and found a few minor issues and was able to resolve them. I will detail the fixes below. They are straight forward but if you want the full source code I can send that too.

1) I was still getting out of memory issues. I have a lot of buttons duplicated in a lot of places. I Debugged the code and it was a problem with the caching in ImageUtil line 133. The cache is accessed like this: bitmapCache.get(pathName.toLowerCase()); but on line 133 you add to the cache like this: bitmapCache.put(pathName, bitmaps); NOTE the missing toLowerCase. I changed the call to bitmapCache.put(pathName.toLowerCase(), bitmaps); and life is good... no memory issues.
2) The Switches were not scaling properly if the aspect ratio was not 1:1 In SwitchView I changed:

      if (switchComponent.getOnImage() != null) {
         onImage = ImageUtil.createScaledDrawableFromPath(context, Constants.FILE_FOLDER_PATH + switchComponent.getOnImage().getSrc(),switchComponent.getFrameWidth(),switchComponent.getFrameHeight(),true,true);
               onImage.setGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.LEFT);
            if (switchComponent.getOffImage() != null) {
              offImage = ImageUtil.createScaledDrawableFromPath(context, Constants.FILE_FOLDER_PATH + switchComponent.getOffImage().getSrc(),switchComponent.getFrameWidth(),switchComponent.getFrameHeight(),true,true);
              offImage.setGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.LEFT);


if (switchComponent.getOnImage() != null) {
         onImage = ImageUtil.createScaledDrawableFromPath(context, Constants.FILE_FOLDER_PATH + switchComponent.getOnImage().getSrc(), width, height);
                onImage.setGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.LEFT);
            if (switchComponent.getOffImage() != null) {
              offImage = ImageUtil.createScaledDrawableFromPath(context, Constants.FILE_FOLDER_PATH + switchComponent.getOffImage().getSrc(), width, height);
              offImage.setGravity(Gravity.TOP | Gravity.LEFT);

NOTICE that I used the width and height vars you previously loaded and removed the true, true parameters from the call.

3) This last one is not really a bug but a behavior I was not happy with. On some of my panels I have LabelViews that get a long text field (e.g. a weather report). I changed the label view to word wrap so it will fill the view as a textblock. It produces a nice word wrapped output without affecting the look of single line labels. The current behavior is to limit LabelViews to one line and clip the overflow. The label views also were using font padding which wastes screen real estate I changed the following lines in the LabelView ctor to get the behavior I wanted:
> Commented out this line // textView.setLines(1);
> set to false instead of true textView.setHorizontallyScrolling(false);
> added this line textView.setIncludeFontPadding(false);
You can decide if you want to use this.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Posted by jacksmi at Apr 20, 2015 16:37

Thanks again for the code contributions and the bug fixes provided have been added to the codebase. I have updated the APK on Dropbox with these changes also.


Posted by kurrazyman at Apr 21, 2015 20:19

Richard Turner

Please have you can publish the first version 2.3.0 (Wallpaper adjustable screen) with bug fixes?

thank you

Posted by pierre2302 at Apr 21, 2015 22:23

Thanks for the new release, Richard.

I've tried it, but experiencing a problem. I have always used a foreground image and buttons behind to navigate to different pages. The problem I am experiencing now is that keystrokes are not going through the foreground image. Is this something that can be solved?

Posted by kenta at Apr 22, 2015 08:24

Yes kudos for all the work. Many good improvements. The image loading & caching seems much improved.

The only bug I have noticed is gestures across "text labels" are not registered either. I believe it is only if the gesture starts on top of the text label.

I.e. if I start swiping on just the background image and end it on a "text label" it works fine. If I start on the text label and end on the background image it doesn't work.

I have not tried the latest load. I am still using last weeks.


Posted by mdarwin at Apr 22, 2015 14:55

It looks like this update has solved the issue with no background image I have reported on the samsung Tab2. This is a scaled Full HD usage.
The original 1024 x 600 generates a blank screen.

Posted by niraviry at Apr 23, 2015 07:41

I noticed the following bug:
I have a starting screen in portrait format. When I start the console in portrait, everything fits perfectly. But if I start the console in landscape, the screen rotates, but the background image is not scaled correctly.

Posted by mschrauf at Apr 23, 2015 16:49

In version 2.2.0 Android app I have the following problem:

I updated to version 2.3.0 Android app, but the problem persists (it appears less frequently, but has remained).

NAS Syno DS3615, OR 2.1.1, Sony Xperia E Dual (Android 4.1.1).

Posted by aleksey_z at Jun 01, 2015 08:32

Thanks. Fixed the crashing problem. Now scaling problems, but I will fiddle with it.

Posted by cwoodhouse at Jun 06, 2015 14:40

Still have problems with background image and black screen.
On my Galaxy TAB2 when I use the 1024x600 in landscape only panel I get a black screen. It happens on a 2.3.0 version from about two months ago and the one I have downloaded today even with ARC Welder.
There is something strange about this resolution.
When I downscale the 1920x1080 to 1024x600 I used to work untill I have removed some rules. Since Then, no background Image.
Anyone can help with this one?

Posted by niraviry at Jun 21, 2015 15:15

Hello Glenn,

I don't know if this is the correct protocol, may I ask for a copy of these lossless logos you have created please?

I am in the process of creating a poster to promote Velbus / MDAR & OpenRemote and could do with something I can scale.

Thanks in advance


(I've tried following the link and it just just showed me the home page)

Posted by mdar at Jul 19, 2015 17:34


For the problems of putting on the scale of the background, it is necessary to use the first version 2.3 which adjusts automatically !!

But the link does not exist any more

Posted by pierre2302 at Jul 20, 2015 21:03


Is 2.3.0 still the latest release?

I have a problem where, oftentimes, when I open the app after it has been opened previously, I get a black screen and I have to go to Settings to have it reload available OpenRemote controllers.

I'd like it to just keep the panel that it was previously on, which I'm guessing it is intending to do, but it somehow loses the panel data.

Where is the source repository for the Android console? Is anyone working on this still?


Posted by cwong at Sep 05, 2015 17:38

Indeed it should remember which controller & panel was last displayed and try and load that at startup.

Does the app crash or does it just stay at a black screen? What device and version of Android are you using?

No development happening in the Android code at present but you can get the latest code from the tag: -

Posted by kurrazyman at Sep 08, 2015 17:45

Hello, Richard,

The app doesn't crash. It just sits at the black screen. If I hit the "menu" key on my phone, it pops up the basic menu on the bottom (Setting, Logout, Quit), which is not the 'settings' menu of my panel. I then choose Setting, and it takes me back to select a controller, from which point the app works for that session.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 5.0.1, on Verizon Wireless if that makes any difference.


Posted by cwong at Sep 08, 2015 18:25

Hi Richard,
I found a problem in caching gif files in a http window.
I'm using a weather service where I download a new animated gif every 10 minutes.
The first gif is cached and never refreshed.
I've tried all the options in the metadata I know:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5">
<meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" />
<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache" />
<meta http-equiv="Expires" content="0" />

but nothing works.
This worked in version 2.2

Any suggestions?


Posted by rene61 at Sep 13, 2015 11:58


is there also a version like 2.1.0 which does not scale? im using a galaxytab 4 and its native resolution 1280 x 800. this android version scales a little, round objects are a bit in football shape and you can see the pixels around the round circles, is there another version of the 2.3?

Posted by robnas at Oct 05, 2015 20:56

Ditto that - mine does exactly that (LG Nexus 5)
To be fair the old version did that too, but it came back to the screen I was on last - this one always goes back "Home".

Also, I have two instances of the same icon, and one is shrunk, and one isnt.... :

Posted by ptruman at Oct 06, 2015 13:43

Make sure the bounding box for the image is exactly the same size as the image (in the designer). I usually just get the image properties from an image editor and type in the height/width in the designer to make sure it is correct.

I had lots of problems when i first started using 2.3 but I believe that fixed them all. I use it in 1x1 mode (no scaling)


Posted by mdarwin at Oct 06, 2015 16:11

another issue is when having an button of a colourpicker with an image placed over it.

as in the image below i put an image binded to a sensor over the colourpicker, it shows me when the controller is online or offline by a red cross via a sensor.
when the controller is offline a cross will be shown, when the controller is online a transparant image will be shown.
in the previuos adndroid version 2.1 transparant images doesnt block the buttons behind it.

in this version it does block buttons/colourpicker with a transparant image over it.

now i have to remove the image to get it work, but i cant see if my controller is online or offline

Posted by robnas at Oct 18, 2015 16:41
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