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so after toiling a bit at it, I have managed to implement the 'serverless' android console. In doing so, I had to actually port a good chunk of the controller as well. In fact you will find the 1.0 OR command supported. I have also ported the IP protocol (untested) which means, in theory, that GC can be addressed from the Android console.

For those that really want to test, do a full checkout of the source (see this site for instructions) and build the apk. It is fairly straightforward but not for the faint of heart at this stage as it is alpha code.

next I have a bunch of cleanups (a lot of the logcat is my information, and I need to clean). There is some refactoring/testing.

Then I think I am going to finish the port of KNX to Android, so we can have the ANDROID KNX console without the ORB.

Finally, i have been toying with the idea of porting the ORB to Android, since I have most of the work already done. Will keep you updated.

Hi mark, great idea!

Would it be possible to have a telnet version?

I'm using fhem to do fs20 lightning stuff so telnet would be all i need to do my stuff for now.

Cheers, ernst

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