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well, I was looking for home automation, opensource, and found openremote.

I'm planing my next house, and as I was looking for touch panels, I thought about using Mini210: Mini 210 specs or cubieboard Cubie site

Building a box for those is not too easy but with 3D printers it's a dream becoming reality at not to high prices.

I already used mini2440 in other projects, programming in Qt ( 1-wire based data logger in modbus), and I also programmed some stuff for Android, and more for iOS
So I'll be ready to play a bit

My goal is to have a few of those touch screens in the house, mostly in the kitchen, living room and my wife's office at home.
And those touch screens should be able to:

  • act like interphone when needed
  • play locally music for the nas ( mainly kitchen and office )
  • show a video of the front camera door when someone rings at the door
  • show CID when the phone rings and why not answer sip call ?

and of course, command xbmcs for the different TVs, control lights and HVAC

In absolute everything is doable... but in real world this may differ a bit !

I did not go deep into openremote docs and architecture, that's why I'm asking here.

Let's put appart technical matters like video streaming for door bell as example, is openremote able to send events to remotes, or are remotes polling status from server ?
I'd like to try to add video stream and audio play into remotes apps for touch screens.



Hi Cedric,

Welcome to OpenRemote!

The current architecture relies on a HTTP REST API for communication between the consoles (remotes as you refer to them) and the central controller; this ultimately means that the consoles are polling the controller but there is some trickery involved in that the consoles will request a sensor to be polled and the controller will not send a response unless the sensor value changes, this is a way of achieving push like functionality using HTTP.

SIP functionality has been done in OR at some point but I was not involved and I haven't seen any of that so cannot comment on how it functions (search on the forums or look in the code base).

One of the joys of OpenRemote is that it is opensource so if there's some functionality you need/want and you're happy coding in JAVA then you can extend as much as you like.


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