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Would it be possible to create a widget in the Android app, so that a special panel can be displayed on the homescreen?

Yes, this could be quite useful. I haven't looked at how to implement widgets on Android. Would you be interested in contributing this?

Posted by juha at Nov 19, 2011 09:24

Interested? yes, but I don't have skills in Android App Development.

Posted by mariom at Nov 19, 2011 21:29

I'm interested too, and as it happens to be, I am an Android developer Currently, I'm working on changing the scrolling between pages to the 'new' ViewPager class, which runs smoother than the current ViewFlipper. Might take on the widget-challenge after that.

Posted by fuijtdewilligen at Nov 20, 2011 15:01

Hi there..

Anyone had time to have a look at this??
It is more important now as I see it, thinking of the new HP Slate 21.. Would be nice to be able to use several widgets on a 21" Android tablet..


Posted by freddap123 at Jan 28, 2014 09:59

No one's taken on the challenge yet, as far as I know.

Posted by juha at Feb 06, 2014 06:58

With use of the "tasker" android app, you can create widgets for tasker on any android screen.

I use tasker to execute Openremote commands through the controller
In Tasker:
-Http Post

-Server:Port controller address or equivalent...I use a DNS service to make it constant

-Path: controller/rest/control/2310/click (from controller.xml for the button in the UI that I want to "click" my case its the garage door opener command)

With the above, anything in your Openremote UI could be tied to tasker actions. (i.e. phone connects to home wifi, then click button for Z wave lamp plug in, etc.)

Similarly, any widgets can be created for any tasker "tasks".

I have the following widgets on my phone so far (android home screen):

-Opening of Garage Door
-Turning all of my Audio/Visual components on/off from a single button
-Living room lamp on/off

No openremote app needed for the above.

Posted by niedejb at Nov 26, 2014 18:56

Quite an interesting idea this seems to be. I am an android app developer and will try to make this widget. If I get success, I will notify you guys. Seems to be an interesting challenge in android development.

Posted by joannrockwell at May 28, 2015 07:00
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