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Hi there

I have created some animated gif that I would like to use on some switches.

I have a .png file for the off image and a animated gif file for the on command, showing a fan moving.

I can upload the files and choose them for the switch, and on the web interface in the composer, it works, the animation moves, but then i move over on the phone and the ios app. It only shows the first frame of the gif.

Is there a way to make this work or ?

regards Jens

Not currently, the iOS console does not support animated images for any of the widgets.

Posted by ebariaux at Aug 06, 2013 08:18

Hi Eric

Is there any news on when GIF (or any animation standard image) will be supported in any of the Apps?

I have a prospective client who wants to add rotating fans into his designs, so that building managers only have to glance at the page.

Currently he's using a competitor's interface, which does support them.

Thanks a million



Posted by mdar at Jun 28, 2015 17:54

We first need to release a new stable version of the console before thinking about adding any new feature.

For your use cases, you could achieve something similar by:

  • creating an in memory virtual sensor that can take 1 to n values
  • associate that sensor to an image and define images for each state
  • have a rule based on a timer that updates the virtual sensor memory

It's complex and a bit wasteful in terms of bandwidth but it should do the job.

Posted by ebariaux at Jul 01, 2015 12:56

Hi Eric

Thank you for your detailed response.

I think I'll simply wait for a new app, rather than spend hours creating a work around.

As it turns out, using the WebConsole via all the browsers I've tried seem to support GIF files and work rather well.

I'm trying to create an exact solution for a specific client, so if that means their preferred access is via the WebConsole, then so be it

The App panels will just be created with any animations.



Posted by mdar at Jul 01, 2015 13:13
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