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i`m currently testing the QNAP Openremote QPKG.
On the QNAP the controller is listening to port 8088 instead of the standard configuration (8080)

When running the Auto Discovery from e.g. the Android Console it delivers the right IP but the wrong port:

Is it possible to correct this issue?

Thank you

Hi Johannes,

I've also tested the QNAP OpenRemote QPKG.

  1. Modify the "webapp.port=" entry in the file <OpenRemote>/webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/

  2. Modify the discovery configuration in the Designer

– Rainer

Posted by rhitz at Sep 08, 2013 15:08

Thank you Rainer.
It worked!

Posted by orjo at Sep 14, 2013 07:10
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