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I am completely new here. Just succesfully set up raspberry pi with razberry and included a Fibaro door sensor and an alarm. So far so good.

The next step would be to set up openremote. Before doing so I would like to beter understand all components. I went through the documentation but it seems Im not smart enough to understand without actually start installing and using.

The way I see it is like this.
The Raz-OR gets on top of the Z-wave logic on the Raspberry.
All clear so far.
The doc says I need to install the controller on my personal pc. What exactly is this controller about? Will my pc need to be always on?

The designer module is cloud based. Will my raspberry need to be connected to the internet/designer or is the use of the designer a batch process were everything gets uploaded to...raspberry?android pad? Pc with controller?

The android app? Will it get the info about the status of my z.wave components from the rasberry on my network or from the internet/designer? Will it push commands over my local network to my raspberry/Raz-OR or be the data pass over internet/designer?

Most of you will find these questions trivial but Icant get them solved. If you know of a schematic vieuw of how all openremote components interact with each other than that would be a good start.


. You set up the controller on your rasperry in your local part. It gets all the info from the designer and controls your actors

. You log in to the online designer and create your panels with all the button/switch/sensor definitions.

. Via the webpage of the controller in your network (<raspberry ip>:8080/controller) you sync your local controller with the clloud designer. All the panels including the buttons etc. are noe on your controller (offline)

. Connect to the controller via the webconsole (<raspberry ip>:8080/webconsole) or the android app, choose the panel and start controlling
Both android client and webconsole get all the info needed from the local installed controller. The cloud designer is only for desigjing your panels and define you sensors ane so on. As far you synced your controller with the designer all the work is done by contro

Posted by orjo at Jul 04, 2013 22:04

Thx for helping!

I thought it should work like the way you described but the install manual instructs, after installing Raz-OR on top of the razberry, to install the controller and advices to do so on windows (or mac).

So what you say is I don't install the controller on windows pc but I install in on the raspberry, ok?

I have already installed the Raz-OR on the Razberry and now I'm wondering how I can check if all went ok before taking the next step. Can you help me with this please.


Posted by mariofrombelgium at Jul 05, 2013 22:24

Sorry I missed this thread dealing with RaZ-OR.
You can indeed install OpenRemote on the Razberry. At the end of the Howto document there is a link to a forum thread, where you can read about experiences of user DSEN who also runs OR from the Raspberry.

Posted by pz1 at Jul 06, 2013 07:40
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